Stop The Split

Toronto Election – October 24, 2022

Progressive Councillors Are Leaving In Record Numbers

Several progressive Toronto city councillors aren't running in 2022, including Ana Bailão, Joe Cressy, John Filion, and Kristyn Wong-Tam.

So, if we want to move forward in Toronto, we'd better act.

Find Your Constituencies Below!

Make sure you're registered to vote and check which city council ward you live in. For school board constituencies, check which school board you're affiliated with and send an email to Toronto Elections to determine your ward.

The list of constituencies will be available in September 2022.


Gail Vaz-Oxlade

TV Host & Writer

Andrew Young

Vaccine Hunters Canada Founder

Maxim Voronov

York University Professor

David Fisman

University of Toronto Epidemiologist


Not One Seat

Founded by Tim Ellis, Not One Seat is a volunteer-based group that aims to promote left-leaning unification rather than vote splitting in Toronto.

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